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Shed 5


Queens Wharf,


Private dining room : 15 seated guests minimum, 55 seated max, 70 cocktail

Main restaurant functions : 80 seated guests minimum, 160 seated max, 220 including the private dining room

Constructed in 1887, the historic building that is Shed 5 has stories to tell.

Originally built for the storage and distribution of goods, Shed 5 was crucial to the early development of Wellington's economy.

Over the years the landmark has served as both a wool shed and a bustling fish market. It is one of the last remaining wooden warehouses on Lambton’s Harbour.

We’re proud to have called the heritage-listed building home since opening our iconic and aptly named Shed 5 restaurant in 1992.

When it comes to seafood, Shed 5 is proud to offer a selection that is heavily represented by local catches. The team works with small day boats that berth in Wellington’s Island Bay and Paramata and fish the waters from Kapiti Coast through the Cook Strait and around to the Wairarapa.

From New Zealand waters Shed 5 uses hapuku, tamure (snapper), blue nose, tarakihi, blue warehou, moki, John Dory, gurnard, blue cod, kingfish, Big Glory Bay salmon, and bluefin tuna.

Yellowfin tuna, big-eye tuna, and crustaceans including soft-shell crab, blue swimmer crab, spanner crab, Jonah crab and king crab are sourced offshore.